We keep internal statistics on the most popular languages among our customers to help with planning, and to better understand the needs of game developers and their audiences. In this article, we’ll dissect our statistics and share the main localization trends in 2023 and forecasts for 2024.

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We’ve gathered all the key highlights of our company’s work in 2023 in one place. Read Allcorrect’s annual report.

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The U.S. gaming market is a tempting prize for developers around the globe. In a new study on our website, we've covered everything you need to know for a successful U.S. launch!


Even if you translate a game perfectly, you can still receive dissatisfaction from players. But avoiding negative reviews is possible with properly conducted localization testing. In our new article, we cover everything you need to know about LQA.

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Despite the challenges stemming from the global situation, the gaming industry in Russia continues to develop in 2023, and some indicators show growth in the Russian gaming industry.


We recently worked on a few projects that had procedurally generated text in them. We realized that it still remains a pretty mysterious process for a lot of people, so we decided to create a handy guide. This article aims to explain what procedural generation is, what types of generation exist, and how you can avoid the various pitfalls that are hidden in text generation.

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Polish game studios have given us many fantastic projects. Curious about what the residents of this country are playing? Find all the essential information about the Polish gaming market.


In this post, co-founder of Allcorrect, Denis Khamin, shares the company’s results for 2023.


New developers often wonder if their projects need to be localized. And then they wonder how to even start approaching localization! Let’s take a moment to answer your localization questions.

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Australia is home to unique wildlife, perfect surfing beaches, and over 14 million gamers! Read the latest review to learn more about gaming market opportunities in Down Under.


Elon Musk is to blame for the layoffs in gaming companies! A controversial opinion, and mostly a joke, but also a bit true.