Game markets

Brazil is the largest gaming market in South America. We've gathered the most important statistical data that game developers need when launching a game in this country.


In any field, there are terms that may be unclear to those who work in it. The creation of game art is no exception. We invite you to get acquainted with the Game Art Dictionary compiled by our charming project manager, Anastasiia Tsydenova.


Dating Puzzle is a game that combines features of the dating simulator genre with match-3 gameplay. Working on the translation of this game was an extraordinary experience due to various factors: the need for a new style guide format, a cast of diverse main heroines with distinct speech characteristics, and gameplay modes that presented intriguing textual requirements.

Game markets

Germany is the largest game market in Europe and the fifth largest in the world. Read our overview of the German market on our website.

Project management

Marina Turkina has been with Allcorrect for 6.5 years, progressing from a terminology manager to the position of Head of Localization Production. She shared insights into her daily work, favorite games, and the challenges of relocating to another country.

Game markets

The Republic of Korea, commonly known as South Korea, is a country in East Asia. It covers an area of 100,210 square kilometers, ranking 107th in the world in terms of territory and 27th in terms of population.


We invite you to watch the recording of the Game Dev Unchained podcast episode featuring our co-founder Demid Tishin and Director of Localization Services Marina Turkina.


Are you on the verge of a game release but missing a few elements for the initial launch? Has your project been in the works for a while, and constant updates require a significant amount of art? Or does your project only exist on paper (or in your mind), and you need help determining exactly what art you need? No need to panic! In each of these situations (and many others), the art team at Allcorrect will be happy to assist you.


Denis Khamin, the co-founder of Allcorrect, is writing a book about the history of the gaming industry. One of his first interviewees for the material preparation was Alexey Pajitnov, the creator of the legendary game “Tetris.” With Denis’ permission, we are publishing excerpts from the interview.

Game markets

The Middle East gaming market is not easy to get into, but the region contains a number of countries where players frequently pay huge sums for in-game items.


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