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In the world of technology startups, the past, present, and probably the next few years are all about artificial intelligence. And so it’s understandable that the question on many of our minds is if we should personally fear AI. Let’s take a look at the issue.

Game markets

More than 17 million gamers with high purchasing power reside in Taiwan. Key insights about this lucrative market are in our overview!


Come on a journey with us as we venture through the forest from The Mighty Claw! We’ll show you the scene, crafted by our Allcorrect artists, and share plenty of other insights about game art!


We present to you the second edition of the Localization Guide. In it, we’ve consolidated the information game developers need to simplify and optimize the game localization process.


Every developer starting localization has one big question: which language should the game be translated into to minimize costs and maximize profits? We have the answers!

Game markets

The Canadian gaming market ranks among the top 10 most profitable for game developers. Find out what you need to know for a successful launch in our latest market overview.

Project management

Our recruiter, Alina Sekamova, shared insights on the qualities a game translator needs to achieve success in their career. Spoiler alert: translation skills alone are not enough!

Game markets

Brazil is the largest gaming market in South America. We've gathered the most important statistical data that game developers need when launching a game in this country.


In any field, there are terms that may be unclear to those who work in it. The creation of game art is no exception. We invite you to get acquainted with the Game Art Dictionary compiled by our charming project manager, Anastasiia Tsydenova.


Dating Puzzle is a game that combines features of the dating simulator genre with match-3 gameplay. Working on the translation of this game was an extraordinary experience due to various factors: the need for a new style guide format, a cast of diverse main heroines with distinct speech characteristics, and gameplay modes that presented intriguing textual requirements.

Game markets

Germany is the largest game market in Europe and the fifth largest in the world. Read our overview of the German market on our website.