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We create memorable, dynamic, and approachable narratives for games

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A powerful narrative for your game

We’ve assembled a team of 8 experienced game writers (US and British English) to handle all aspects of world-building, character development, narrative design, and script, dialogue, and lore writing. Our writers have worked on City of Love, Story Beats, Star Trek, Cyberpunk, Need for Speed, Gears of War, South Park and many other big IPs...


All genres and themes

Our narrative designers come from a variety of backgrounds - from screenwriting, gamedev, children’s entertainment, and even natural sciences. This means we have experts in a whole range of themes and genres. No matter the kind of game you're making - from a casual dress-up to a hardcore epic RPG - we will assign the very best writer to your job.


Game development experience

In addition to writing experience, each team member has a track record of designing games. As a result, narratives will be seamlessly integrated with game mechanisms, killer features, and the overall concept of your game.


Dedicated team

All of our writers are available for short-term and long-term projects with a typical capacity of 20-40 hours per week. Multiple writers can be assigned to your game if necessary.


Total quality management

Every job is carefully supervised by a narrative lead on our side, from brief to concept to final deliverable. We set up meetings between your team and ours to nail down all the creative requirements and ensure the game narrative will fit seamlessly into the wider game context. On top of that, your content will go through multiple proofreading passes to ensure impeccable linguistic quality.


Know what you'll pay

You’ll get a guaranteed price for your scope of work (or a fixed price per word), so you'll know your exact budget in advance!


What we can do for you

Product phaseService
Fundraising Write game pitch deck
  • Design world
  • Design characters
  • Design story
  • Write game script
  • Write lore
  • Design tutorial
  • Design IAPs
  • Conceptualise marketing creatives
  • Write marketing materials
Live ops
  • Design culture-specific in-game events
  • Create game-related content for community
Geographical market expansion
  • Identify country-specific risks in existing game content (reactive culturalisation)
  • Revise game narrative to improve cultural accessibility (proactive culturalisation)
  • Translate in-game text & audio (localisation)
  • Perform localisation testing
  • Customise marketing creatives
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