Game localization

A game’s localization is the key to the heart of every gamer. By adapting your product for players from all over the world, you’ll increase your game’s popularity and raise its sales. We’re here to help you achieve this – our localization will be accepted by people in one country or another as if it was created in their native language. You develop and perfect your product – we’ll make sure the whole world can use it.

We can offer you game localization, testing on the Android, iOS and PC platforms, voice-overs for apps and videos, translation of accompanying texts in your game and adaptation to suit the specifics of various language cultures (redesigning images etc.).

We provide various types of game localization. We translate:

  • online games.
  • games for consoles and PC.
  • mobile games.
  • game websites.
  • accompanying texts (references, descriptions, manuals etc.).


We offer game localization in the following language pairs:

  1. Translation from Russian into the most widely used languages in the world (including Chinese).
  2. Translation from English into French, Italian, Spanish, German, Portuguese (including Brazilian Portuguese), Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese and many other languages. We can also translate in the reverse direction.

Other language pairs are available on request.


Wealth of experience. We’ve tested over 100 games and participated in the localization of over 350. Our localization quality score comes to almost 100%. Our secret is in the concerted effort of high-class experts, 45 of which are natives of various languages.

Wide range of services. We can offer you the full range of interlanguage localization services.

High level of technical accessibility. Testing takes place on Android, iOS and PC devices. Our testers possess advanced linguistic skills.

Flexibility and convenience. We can translate your marketing texts on short notice. If you order a game localization, we’ll translate marketing texts for it without a markup for urgency.