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since 2008

Allcorrect is a reliable partner for your games with
high-quality game localization services

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Game localization for developers & publishers,
including indie

We've localized over 1043 games since 2008

Our portfolio includes localizations of large-scale AAA projects as well as indie games

99.44% of jobs delivered by or before deadline

More than 1500 tasks delivered on time every month

9 of Top 20 video game companies work with us

Experience with projects up to 1,5 mln source words

We know that it's hard

Which language pairs to choose, how to be confident about the quality of the translation, where find a contractor with impressive experience — we can help with all these questions


We localize games into 42 languages

Including EFIGS, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Turkish etc. We are also permanently updating our research into game markets and are ready to help you choose the most suitable markets


A team of over 1,400 translators

Human translation by native speakers with experience in the video game industry. Only 10% of translators pass our five-stage language competency assessment


We work with all platforms and genres

We've localized hundreds of games for console, PC, Mac, browser, and mobile devices, ranging from hyper-casual games to MMORPGs


99.83% positive comments on localization from players

We conduct regular analyses of players' reviews for our clients' games for free

Some of our
amazing clients


"Thank you and the entire team so, so much – just from the delivered files alone, I can see the amount of hard work, care and love that went into this project from your side.
It’s been a real pleasure working together so far, and I hope there are many more collaborations to come!"
"I thought your team did a fantastic job! I’ll always stick with you on localization of future projects."
ED Annunziata, Playchemy
"Thanks to the whole team at AllCorrect for their good work and quick reaction to all our needs."
Iceberg Interactive
"Allсorrect is one of our favorite, most reliable and talented partners and the last localization house you will ever need."
Akupara Games
"I’m really proud of the final product!"
Gerard Barnaud, Ubisoft
"We're very pleased with both the accuracy of the translation and the narrative style. Just keep up the good work!"
Gaijin Entertainment
"Thank you, and thank you for the very good relationship between our companies!
We are very happy with your quick response times and the text quality."

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