According to our player research, voiceovers are a key factor in choosing a game. Users prefer games which not only have voice overs in their native language, but also have the option to switch to the original. Particularly important aspects are naturalness of speech and intonation and correctly chosen voices to suit the characters. All this means that voicing a game is a very difficult and laborious task – it’s not enough to just have any actors read the script. Such voiceovers would likely drive players away or force them to play the game in the original language (if they know that language, that is).


We provide voiceovers in the following languages:

  1. Russian.
  2. English.
  3. German.
  4. French.
  5. Chinese.
  6. Polish.
  7. Italian etc.

Allcorrect has been providing voiceover services for six years. We work with recording studios in Ireland, Britain and Germany. Our actor base includes over 100 experts from more than 20 countries.

Our main goal is to satisfy our customer’s requirements as closely as possible. We are always very careful in our choice of actors and in discussing all the voice over requirements, such as:

  • lip synchronization.
  • special requirements for character voices.
  • choosing between different options: voicing several characters with a single actor or employing separate actors for each character.


  • we compose a detailed technical specification for each voiceover project.
  • we ensure a clear limit on line length.
  • you can choose only those voices that suit you and also order a test recording of a line from your game.