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The Cost of Creating Game Art: Elements That Determine Price

Producing game art is a creative and complex process that can require a significant financial investment. In this article, we will look at some of the factors that may affect the determination of game art costs.

Type of Art

Generally speaking, 3D graphics are more expensive to produce than 2D graphics because they require more time and technical equipment to create. The level of detail required and the need for additional work, such as animation and associated preparations, will also affect the cost.

Volume of Work

This element comes down to the cost per unit and the number of units required. Typically, the unit is an artist’s working hour, although a working day may also be used, and the more time required to create an asset, the higher the price. The cost of these working units is usually determined by the complexity of the asset, which is measured by the level of detail (ranging from child-like to heavily stylized), and the number of specific details present. The possibility of using the same work in different projects is also taken into account when determining unit cost, as art details or fragments can be reused in similar pieces, lowering the overall price.

Art Direction

The presence of an art lead in the team is another important factor influencing the cost of game art. Having an art lead assigned to the project means you are sure to get a completed product that meets your specifications and expectations. Art leads have the necessary experience, critical analysis, and risk assessment skills, which makes them key figures in the process of creating exceptional game art. The cost of art direction usually amounts to about 10% of the production cost.

Influence of an Artist’s Skill Level

A frequent question we get asked is whether the skill level of the artists matters. Simply put, the quality of the final product depends less on the level of the artist and more on the skills of the art lead and the level of quality control. A junior artist may simply take longer, but the art lead will still ensure that the quality is up to the client’s required standard. The efficiency of the artist is largely determined by the art lead. When you rely on an outsourcing company, you can be confident in the quality of your final product. We guarantee excellent results regardless of the artists’ skill levels.

Test Task

As a rule, we charge for test tasks. Why? Usually, because they involve the creation of real assets, such as props, which can be used in the game later on. In addition, the test asset can be used for demonstration purposes when seeking further funding for the game. However, there may be additional revisions after the work is completed, such as moving or regrouping objects. We do not charge for these edits, but they are limited in number.

With Allcorrect, you will always receive expert advice and clear project pricing. We go beyond just creating high-quality game art—we respect your overall vision for the project, adhere to your budget, and support any other requirements you may have.


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