Game localization – Amazing Pets from Overmobile

About the Project

Services: game localization and game localization testing (LQA).

Languages: English, Polish.

Game type: browser-based.

Timeframe: March-December 2014.

Size: about 7,000 words.

Team: 2 translators, 2editors, 1tester, 1project manager.

General Information

Amazing Pets is a free-to-play online game in the Tamagotchi genre. Players care for their pets, raise them, and provide for their wellbeing. They also have the opportunity to participate in various pet shows, compete against other players, and win trophies and other prizes.

Project Management

The client sent us the game’s text in Russian, and we translated it into English and then Polish. One of the requirements was to try to avoid abbreviations, especially when the meaning of a sentence would become less obvious as a result. If a text did not fit in the space provided for it on the screen, Overmobile’s game designer would help us find another solution. The client also asked us to use appropriate language for a game with an age rating of 12+. We were also hired to test the Polish version of the game.

Project Characteristics

  • Age rating of 12+
  • The client provided us with images of all the pets and a build of the game
  • No abbreviations


Overmobile is one of the leading Russian developers and publishers of mobile and browser-based games. It was founded in 2007.
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