Localization of Shadow Fight 2 from Nekki

About the Project

Services: game localization.

Working languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, French, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Turkish.

Game type: arcade

Timeframe: January 2014 – present

Size: over 20,000 words

Team: 1 project manager, 10 translators, 15 editors

General Information

Shadow Fight 2 is the sequel to the celebrated game Shadow Fight. The players fight a number of enemies, equip their characters with various weapons and rare armor sets, and learn dozens of hand-to-hand combat techniques. The combat animations are very realistic, and the game also features RPG elements.

Project Management

We receive text in three languages: Russian, English, and German. We use English as the source language when translating into all other languages.

A dedicated project manager has been attached to the customer to actively answer any questions and who is familiar with the client’s requirements. These requirements include certain restrictions on the length of strings in the translated text.

At first, we received the core text for translation, and now we are receiving marketing-related additions once or twice a week. These assignments must be completed very proactively because the players are waiting for information about new promos and offers!

Project Characteristics

  • The text received from the client is in three languages at once: Russian, German, and English.
  • Translation of marketing materials.
  • String length limitations.


Nekki is a developer and publisher of multiplayer browser-based and social online games. Nekki’s primary activities are developing and publishing online games, developing and providing post-launch support for infotainment portals, and editing and publishing.

In 2008, the online game Gladiators won second place in the category of Best Online Game at the Russian Game Developers Conference (KRI) held on April 18-21 in Moscow. In the same year the online soccer-management game 11×11 became one of the ten leaders in the popular vote for the 2008 RuNet Prize along with such famous websites as odnoklassniki.ru, mail.ru, google.ru, and yandex.ru.

Allcorrect is a gaming service company. We help game developers free their time from routine processes in order to focus on key tasks. We provide professional game localizations into 40+ languages and create game art of all levels of complexity. Also, we offer localization testing, voice-over, and culturalization adaption of in-game content. Our team adores games and complex projects. We’re incredibly proud of our clients, including both world-renowned AAA developers and indie companies that have successfully entered the international market.