Game Localization: Jet Fighter Air Race from ARPAplus

Game Localization: Jet Fighter Air Race from ARPAplus

About the Project

Services: game localization.

Languages: French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese.

Game type: Mobile (iOS, Android, Amazon).

Timeframe: October 2015.

Size: 500 words.

Team: 8 translators, 8 editors, 1 project manager.

General Information

This is an air racing game. Player can choose from real-life models, many of which are widely known. What sets this game apart from others is the fact that the game’s creators chose to use military planes from the US and Russia, since these two powers had been in opposition for so long. The unusual gameplay is added to by colorful 3D graphics and sound effects, both of which were made specifically for Jet Fighter Air Race.

Project Management

An unusual aspect to this project was the need to rename the game in other languages (often the game’s name is not translated from English). Multilingual translation was carried out simultaneously, and the project was completely ready within 2 working days.

Project Characteristics

  • Translation of the game’s name into other languages.
  • A unique game in its class.
  • Military aviation terminology.


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