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Localizing a game into the main languages increases its revenue by a factor of 1.9 (based on data from Google Europe and Allcorrect’s research).

Allcorrect is an ROI-based localization company. Our approach is based on finding profitable markets for developers and publishers and adapting games for target audiences, taking particular cultural aspects into account. Our goal is to make your games popular and your players happy.

We’ve been translating games since 2008, and we’ve localized over 968 projects during that time. Our portfolio includes localizations of large-scale AAA projects as well as indie games that have dominated the international market.

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Game Localization Stages

We assemble a team of over 70 in-house professionals for each project. Thanks to their efforts 98.68% of our 1,400 monthly projects are delivered on time or ahead of schedule. Translation projects of up to 1,000 words are completed on the same day the order is received.

Localization Team

Our projects are localized by a team of over 1,400 translators and 300 linguistic testers with over five years of experience working on projects in your genre at Allcorrect.

Only 10% of linguists pass our five-stage language competency assessment. So you’re guaranteed to have a team of professionals assigned to your project.

Localization Languages

We localize games into 42 languages, including Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Turkish.

ROI-based Localization. Boost your revenue

In 2016–2018, our clients earned over USD 271,000,000 in additional revenue thanks to high-quality localizations. We can choose the most profitable markets to help you increase the return on your localization investment. To learn more about choosing languages for game localization, we recommend reading the article on our website or contacting us.

Game Localization Costs

The cost of localizing a game depends on the volume of the text and the number of languages you want to translate your game into. We translate projects ranging from two words to 1.5 million words with a quality index of 96.35%.