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The Gaming Market in the UK

Dive into the UK’s booming video game market—the largest in Europe! With 37.7 million gamers, GBP 7.82 billion in value, and top titles like EA Sports FC 24 and Hogwarts Legacy, the UK is leading the charge. But despite record revenues, economic challenges loom. Get the insights you need to decide if this market is for you!

General Information

Official nameThe United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (Wikipedia)
CapitalLondon (Wikipedia)
Population67,950,060 (Worldometers)
Total area242,500 km² (Wikipedia)
GovernorKing Charles III has reigned since 2022 (Wikipedia)
Average age40.1 (Worldometers)
GDPUSD 2.274 trillion (Statista)
GDP per capitaUSD 33,271 (Statista)
Official languageEnglish

Gaming Market

The video game market in the United Kingdom is the largest in Europe, ahead of Germany and France in terms of annual revenue. Video gaming has become a form of mainstream entertainment in the UK and maintains a prominent consumer position. However, despite record revenues and good sales, consumers in the UK are still feeling the effects of the economic downturn, which is expected to affect the country’s gaming market in 2024 and beyond.

In 2024, the number of video game users in the UK stands at 37.7 million, with more than 55% of the population playing for fun, entertainment, and distraction. The UK video game market was valued at GBP 7.82 billion in 2023, with gaming equipment accounting for the largest share of consumer spending, at GBP 4.76 billion. In the same year, online sales accounted for approximately 97.5% of video game sales in the UK.

As a soccer-obsessed country, EA Sports FC 24 was the top-selling video game in the UK in 2023, with nearly 2.4 million copies sold. EA Sports FC games, formerly known under the FIFA brand, usually top the UK leaderboard. Second place in the ranking was taken by Hogwarts Legacy, a game based on the popular Harry Potter universe.

Official poster EA Sports FC 24

UK consumer spending on gaming console hardware has fluctuated markedly over the past decade, often coinciding with the release of new consoles. Retail revenue peaked at GBP 1.13 billion in 2021, following the release of the next-generation Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5. In 2023, approximately 2.38 million game consoles were sold in the United Kingdom, with annual sales of game console hardware totaling GBP 951 million.

Despite the recent growth rate, it remains to be seen whether this trajectory of the UK gaming industry can be sustained beyond the pandemic years. During the current cost of living crisis in the UK, consumers are likely to reduce their consumption of secondary products and hobbies. It is expected that fewer gamers will upgrade their hardware to the latest versions, may forgo major purchases for another year, and avoid buying the latest video games at full price.

UK Market Trends and Forecasts (Statista)

  • The revenue in the United Kingdom video game market is projected to reach USD 8.88 billion in 2024.
  • The annual growth rate (CAGR 2024–2027) is expected to be 9.57%, resulting in a projected market size of USD 11.68 billion by 2027.
  • User penetration is expected to increase from 27.6% in 2024 to 30.2% by 2027.
  • The in-game advertising market is projected to reach USD 3.47 billion in 2024.
  • The average revenue per user (ARPU) is projected to be USD 465.70 in 2024.
  • A current surge in mobile gaming has a strong emphasis on casual and puzzle games.

Market Development Dynamics




Number of Gamers


Gaming Market Size


UK Consumer Gaming Market Estimates for 2023 (Ukie)

Gaming software and equipment

TotalGBP 2.22 billion

Play equipment

ConsolesGBP 951 million
PCGBP 673 million
Console accessoriesGBP 402 million
VR equipmentGBP 194 million

Game culture

TotalGBP 418.2 million
Toys and merchGBP 207 million
Movies, TV, soundtracksGBP 124 million
Streaming contentGBP 62.8 million
Books, magazinesGBP 14.1 million
ActivitiesGBP 10.3 million

Players’ Spending on Games


Player Portrait

The UK is one of the largest gaming markets in Europe. Video games are a popular entertainment option, and, according to Statista’s forecast, the number of video game users in the country is expected to reach 57.56 million in 2027.

The coronavirus pandemic led to a surge in popularity in gaming. During that period, the proportion of adult women in the UK who identified themselves as gamers surpassed male gamers for the first time. This change has since been sustained, with gaming penetration rates of 56% for women and 55% for men.

The composition of UK gamers is very diverse and covers a wide range of ages and backgrounds. According to the Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA), over 37 million people in the UK identified themselves as gamers in 2023, which is more than half of the total population.

A survey of UK adults aged 16 and over, conducted between September 2021 and November 2022, found that 88% of respondents aged 16 to 24 had played a video game.

The age distribution of gamers in the United Kingdom most closely matches that of Germany.

Data from a recent survey shows that cell phones are the most popular gaming device in the UK. Given the huge variety of games, relatively low price, and easy access, it’s no surprise that mobile gaming is becoming increasingly popular among all age groups. Currently, more than half of British adults aged 16 to 44 play games on their cell phones, and among people aged 45 to 54, usage is up to 45%. Consoles are also one of the most popular platforms for gaming in the UK.

The opportunities to interact with others through games are greater than ever before, which appeals to gamers of all ages.

Online gaming is growing in popularity in the UK. According to recent surveys, 68% of gamers in the United Kingdom played online games with or against other people in 2022. Surveys also showed that online gaming is particularly popular among gamers aged 16 to 24, with more than 80% of gamers in this age group reporting that they like to interact with more experienced players online. Male gamers are more likely to do this than female ones.

Leading online games include battle royales such as Fortnite and PUBG, as well as the Call of Duty shooter series, cooperative games such as Overcooked and Minecraft, and role-playing games including Final Fantasy XIV and World of Warcraft.

General Player Statistics

Age Distribution


Gender Distribution


Devices Used for Gaming


OS Distribution


Average Annual Traffic and Average Internet Speed

Source: and

Popular Social Media


Best Selling Video Games in the UK in March 2024


Most Popular Mobile Games in the UK in June 2024

1. Roblox (Roblox Corporation)
2. Candy Crush Saga (King)
3. Royal Match (Dream Games)
4. MONOPOLY GO! (Scopely)
5. Coin Master (Moon Active)
6. Whiteout Survival (Century Games)
7. Last War:Survival (FirstFun)
8. Gardenscapes (Playrix)
9. Clash of Clans (Supercell)
10. Fishdom (Playrix)
11. Homescapes (Playrix)
12. Dice Dreams (SuperPlay)
13. Township (Playrix)
14. Pokémon GO (Niantic)
15. RAID: Shadow Legends (Plarium)
16. Candy Crush Soda Saga (King)
17. Travel Town – Merge Adventure (Magmatic Games)
18. Evony: The King’s Return (Top Games)
19. Bingo Blitz – Bingo Games (Playtika)
20. Match Masters – PvP Match 3 (Candivore)



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