Special Project for International Women’s Day: Women Who Have Built a Career at Allcorrect


Even amidst the enlightenment of the 21st century, having a successful career is often more difficult for women than for men. Nevertheless, many strong and intelligent women do achieve outstanding career results in the face of difficulties. Our company fosters these opportunities. We have many women on our team who have reached high positions due to their abilities and passion for their work. On the eve of International Women’s Day, let’s look at some of their success stories.

Ksenia Parfisheva

Joined the company in 2012 as Office Manager
Became co-owner of the company in 2020

Despite graduating from a law university, Ksenia has never worked a day in that field! Her first job was as an Office Manager at Allcorrect, which she thought wouldn’t last long. Well, she was half-right—Ksenia didn’t stay an office manager for long, but fate tied her to Allcorrect in another way. First, she streamlined the financial processes in the company, then she became a deputy CEO, and eventually became the CEO herself.

Ksenia is an excellent judge of people—she is known as a connoisseur of human souls—and she is also capable of solving any problem—from opening an office in another country to organizing the most impressive corporate parties.

Marina Turkina

Localization Director
Joined the company in 2016 as Terminology Manager
Became co-owner of the company in 2023

Marina began her journey in the company as a Terminology Manager. This position involved manual processes and required a lot of attention to detail. (By the way, most of the tasks Marina was in charge of are now done automatically.) Soon after Marina was hired, one of her colleagues quit, and Marina had to work more as a manager and less as a terminologist.

In 2017, the company faced a crisis: there were only a few project managers left in the staff, and Marina’s workload increased a lot. But she didn’t just get by—she proved herself as a person who knows how to optimize the most complex processes and solve tasks that seem unsolvable.

Marina became a Team Lead in 2018, then Head of Localization in 2019, and after another year, she shouldered responsibility for all production services. She is driven by a sharp mind, resourcefulness, a burning love for her work, and, of course, the ability to inspire her colleagues.

Marina Lekhina

Account Team Lead
Joined the company in 2011 as Project Manager

Marina has had time to try many roles in the company: LQA manager, project manager, and account manager. Thanks to her attention to detail, talent, and ability to find common ground with all kinds of people, she soon became head of a division, and today she is responsible for developing relations with clients, distributing the workload within teams, controlling the fulfillment of tasks, and overseeing the professional growth of employees.

She is also raising a son who loves to design video game mechanics and dreams of becoming a composer.

Ekaterina Akchurina

Head of Vendor Management
Joined the company in 2015 as Vendor Manager

Before Allcorrect, Ekaterina had no experience in recruitment or in the gaming industry, but her love of communicating with people brought her to us. At first, she found the work tough—there were a lot of unclear processes and terms. The fact that the second manager soon quit and Ekaterina was left alone in the department didn’t make it easier for her. However, her professionalism allowed her to overcome all difficulties. Soon the company began to grow, and the Vendor-Management Department with it. Additional managers joined the department to help find new linguists and artists. Ekaterina organizes their work, distributes the workload and is responsible for the strategy of working with artists.

Today, it is impossible to imagine our work without Ekaterina. She streamlined the search, selection, and adaptation of linguists and artists. She automates burdensome tasks so that others feel comfortable and do not need to be distracted by organizational issues, and contributes to the growth of her team in both quantity and quality.

Elizaveta Shevchenko

Localization Team Lead
Joined the company in 2018 as Junior PM

Elizaveta is bursting with determination and resilience. Having started working with the company as a Junior Project Manager, Elizaveta gained experience, and moved up to Middle and then Senior grades. When the need arose to lead a group of project managers, Lisa took on this task and coped with it brilliantly (and continues to do so). She’s helped by her out-of-the-box thinking, quick wit, focus, and empathy. She shows that these are things we need in our business.

Allcorrect is a gaming service company. We help game developers free their time from routine processes in order to focus on key tasks. We provide professional game localizations into 40+ languages and create game art of all levels of complexity. Also, we offer localization testing, voice-over, and culturalization adaption of in-game content. Our team adores games and complex projects. We’re incredibly proud of our clients, including both world-renowned AAA developers and indie companies that have successfully entered the international market.