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The Gaming Market in Poland

General Information

Poland (Polish: Polska), officially known as the Republic of Poland (Polish: Rzeczpospolita Polska), is a country in Central Europe. As of the end of 2021, its population is 37,881,262 people, and its territory covers 312,696 square kilometers. It ranks 39th in the world in terms of population and 69th in terms of territory.

The capital city of Poland is Warsaw, and the country’s official language is Polish. Poland is a unitary state with a presidential-parliamentary republic form of government. The President is Andrzej Duda, and the Prime Minister is Mateusz Morawiecki. Poland is divided into 16 provinces, known as voivodeships.
Poland is located in the center of Europe and is bordered by the Baltic Sea to the north. It shares land borders with Russia (Kaliningrad Oblast), Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Germany.

Poland is a mono-ethnic state, with Poles making up over 97% of the population. The majority of the population (about 87%) adheres to Catholicism, making Poland the country with the largest Catholic population in Central Europe.

It is an industrialized country with a developed economy. The GDP per capita based on purchasing power parity (PPP) is $43,624 per year (2022). In 2022, Poland’s GDP based on PPP reached $1,643 billion. The official currency is the Polish złoty, with an average exchange rate of 4.2 złoty to 1 US dollar in 2023.

Gaming Market

The Polish gaming industry is a significant player in the global market. In 2022, Poland ranked 26th in the world in terms of gaming revenue, and the value of Polish public gaming companies reached 12 billion euros. Polish gaming studios release nearly 500 new games annually.

The Polish gaming industry employs over 15,000 people. For comparison, in this regard, Poland surpasses Spain, Germany, and most other European countries, trailing only behind the United Kingdom and France. The percentage of women in the industry is also one of the highest in the world, at around 24%, making the Polish game development sector attractive to talent from around the globe.

As of May 2023, there were approximately 494 game developers and publishers in Poland. However, after more than doubling in number over the last decade, the number of studios in the country has almost stopped growing.

Player Portrait

A survey conducted in March 2022 revealed a significant decline in the number of gamers among internet users aged 15–65. 67% of respondents stated that they had played games at least once in the last month, indicating a 9% decline compared to 2021. However, this is understandable, as the substantial increase in the number of gamers in 2020–2021 was associated with the surge in the popularity of games during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Games are slightly less popular among women (53% of gamers are men). Nevertheless, the difference is not very significant, and the report’s data suggest that the gender distribution of gamers is becoming more balanced each year. The largest gender gap is observed in the number of PC gamers, with men making up 69% of the total. Women, on the other hand, slightly outnumber men in the number of gamers on social networks, accounting for 52% of the total.

Age has a significant impact on gamers’ habits in Poland, including their preferred gaming platform. Consoles are most popular among gamers aged 15–44 and least popular among players aged 55–65, with only 6% of gamers in this age group opting for consoles. Mobile devices are the most popular gaming platform for players of all ages.

Largest Gaming Companies in Poland:

  1. 11 Bit Studios
  2. Anshar Studios
  3. Bloober Team
  4. CD Projekt RED
  5. Flying Wild Hog
  6. Northwood Studios
  7. People Can Fly
  8. Rage Quit Games
  9. SuperHot Team
  10. The Farm 51
  11. Vivid Games
  12. Wastelands Interactive
  13. All in! Games
  14. CD Projekt
  15. CI Games
  16. Tate Multimedia
  17. Techland
  18. Ten Square Games

The Most Popular Game Genres


  • cards
  • strategy
  • arcade
  • shooter


  • adventure
  • racing
  • arcade
  • sports


  • logic
  • cards
  • arcade

Top Game Apps (October 2023):

  1. Coin Master (Moon Active)
  2. Brawl Stars (Supercell)
  3. Roblox (Roblox Corporation)
  4. Match Masters – PvP Match 3 (Candivore)
  5. Whiteout Survival (Century Games Pte. Ltd.)
  6. Empires & Puzzles: Match-3 RPG (Zynga)
  7. Gardenscapes (Playrix)
  8. Candy Crush Saga (King)
  9. Royal Match (Dream Games, Ltd.)
  10. Huuuge Casino Slots Vegas 777 (Huuuge Games – Play Together)
  11. Total Battle: War Strategy (Scorewarrior)
  12. World of Tanks Blitz – PVP MMO (Wargaming Group)
  13. Fishdom (Playrix)
  14. Fishing Clash (Ten Square Games)
  15. Homescapes (Playrix)
  16. State of Survival: Zombie War (FunPlus International AG)
  17. Rise of Kingdoms (LilithGames)
  18. Toca Life World: Build a Story (Toca Boca)
  19. Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars (IGG.COM)
  20. Family Island™ — Farming game (Melsoft Games Ltd)

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