Game localization since 2008
968 AAA and indie games localized
9 of Top 20 video game companies work with us

829 AAA and indie games for console, PC, Mac, Linux, browser and mobile localized

6 of Top 20 video games companies work with us (2018 Newzoo Rating)

98.68% of projects delivered on time or before the due dates

50% of our clients come through referrals

96.35% quality index

99.83% of positive comments on localization from players

Services: game localization, QA and voiceover

Same day localization of up to 1,000 word projects.


We offer a full localization cycle for applications, along with accompanying services:

  • mobile app localization.
  • localization testing for iOS and Android apps.
  • professional voice-over services for games and videos.
  • marketing text creation and translation.
  • translation for all the accompanying elements of your application (notifications, pop-ups etc.).

Moreover, we offer separate translation and adaptation services for mobile applications:

  • app interface localization.
  • accompanying text localization (descriptions, manuals, references etc.).

Our Clients

Game localization portfolio

Game Localization: Lily’s Garden by Tactile Games

About the Project

Services: game localization.

Languages: English to Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish.

Game type: mobile, puzzle.

Timeframe: from September 2018 to present.

Size: over 110,000 words.

Team: 11 translators, 11 editors, 1 project manager, 1 account manager.

Game Localization: KleptoCats 2 by HyperBeard

About the Project

Services: game localization.

Languages: Russian, French, Portuguese, German, Korean, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Thai, Malay.

Game type: mobile, casual.

Timeframe: from 2018 to present.

Size: over 4,000 words.

Team: 11 translators, 11 editors, 2 project managers.



Services: game localization.

Languages: Russian.

Game type: mobile MMORPG.

Timeframe: from October 2018 to present.

Size: over 400,000 words.

Team: 1 project manager, 2 translators, 2 editors.