Mobile app localization

All Correct Group has a wealth of experience in localizing mobile applications. And we want to help you make sure that users abroad can enjoy your product. We want you to take over the world! This is no easy task to do on your own, so let us take the weight of translating and adapting your application for foreign markets.


We offer a full localization cycle for applications, along with accompanying services:

  • mobile app localization.
  • localization testing for iOS and Android apps.
  • professional voice-over services for games and videos.
  • marketing text creation and translation.
  • translation for all the accompanying elements of your application (notifications, pop-ups etc.).

Moreover, we offer separate translation and adaptation services for mobile applications:

  • app interface localization.
  • accompanying text localization (descriptions, manuals, references etc.).


We can provide translation for several language pairs:

  1. From Russian into the most widely used languages in the world (including Korean and Simplified Chinese) and back.
  2. From English into other European languages and back.
  3. From Japanese, Turkish and Arabic into Russian and back.

And our language pairs aren’t limited to just those listed above.

Why choose us?

  • A wealth of experience and high-quality work. We’ve localized over 300 applications.
  • Broad options. We can translate into various languages, including the very rarest (over 23 language pairs).
  • A professional team. We have over 70 unique in-house experts, most of which are native speakers of various languages.

Accompanying services