Culturalization is adapting a game or application to the particular cultural aspects of the country where it is planned to be released.

Players perceive information from the perspective of the cultural environment to which they belong. Colors, sounds, the appearance of characters, their behavior, entourage, and a vast number of other nuances are all important in this respect.

There are two types of cultural adaptation of a gaming product for a regional market:

  • Reactive culturalization includes identifying and removing elements which may make
    users quit a game.
  • Proactive culturalization includes identifying and adding to a game culture-specific facts and elements of a region that make the game more relevant on the market.

The first type helps to avoid financial loss due to a game being perceived negatively,
while the second helps to establish a loyal player community.

We will help you to enhance your game so that the gameplay is easily understandable and enjoyable for people in different countries.

Culturalization is a way of making a game easily understandable and enjoyable for users.
What is included in culturalization:

  • Translating texts.
  • Adapting jokes.
  • Analysis for compliance with legal requirements.
  • Analysis to ensure there are no gross violations of etiquette.
  • Adapting a game to age requirements.
  • Redesigning images to suit the cultural aspects of a country.
  • Amending scripts.

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Dmitrii Antonov, account manager at Allcorrect Group, presents a report on culturalization to employees of Kefir Games.

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