Our services

Allcorrect is a trustworthy partner for your games. Our portfolio includes localizations of large-scale AAA projects as well as indie games.

We localize for 40+ languages, including English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and Turkish. We also keep a close eye on game markets to position ourselves to help you choose the best markets for you.

We’ve localized hundreds of games for consoles, PC, Mac, browser, and mobile devices, ranging from hyper-casual games to MMORPGs.

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Our goal is to go beyond creating high-quality game art by taking into account your vision of the project as a whole, as well as your budget and requirements. With our many years of experience providing game development services, we work to the highest standards while honoring your wishes while meeting deadlines.


  • Get an estimate for your job within 24 hours
  • Access a level 50 Art Director with 18 years of art direction experience.
  • Choose how much you outsource
  • Know your artists in person.
  • Enjoy discounts for large-scale projects.

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When a project comes in, we assemble a team of game-obsessed testers who are familiar with established gameplay mechanics and grasp new mechanics fast. As experienced gamers, they don’t just hunt down bugs, they can also provide gameplay advice as playtesters.

We can cover over 22 languages and 200 devices, enabling you to pass feature tests with flying colors!

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Allcorrect has been providing voice-over services for eight years. We work with over 100 professional actors in recording studios.
Our VO services includes:

  • Talent casting
  • Post-production
  • Voice-over recordings
  • Quality assurance
  • Artistic director
  • SFX

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