Hurry up and arrange a meeting with us at PAX Dev

All Correct Group partner Yury Petyushin will attend the PAX Dev conference, taking place in Seattle from August 31st to September 1st. If you have any questions related to game localization, or you want to break into new markets, hurry up and arrange a meeting with Yury (consultant on business process management and optimization, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certified). Take advantage of this opportunity to get sound advice, learn what’s happening in the game localization world, and get a free translation assessment for your game!

Please send requests for a meeting to


All Correct Games is a division of All Correct Group which provides translation, voiceovers, localization testing and video game localization.

All Correct Games works with the majority of Russian game developers and publishers, as well as with the largest international game publishers. The company has participated in the localization of over 350 games and the testing of over 100 games. All Correct Games works in more than 20 language pairs, partners with 6 voice studios, and employs highly competent native foreign language and Russian speakers to test games on the iOS, Android, and PC platforms.

Allcorrect is a gaming service company. We help game developers free their time from routine processes in order to focus on key tasks. We provide professional game translations into 40+ languages and create game art of all levels of complexity. Also, we offer localization testing, voice-over, and culturalization adaption of in-game content. Our team adores games and complex projects. We’re incredibly proud of our clients, including both world-renowned AAA developers and indie companies that have successfully entered the international market.