Inua by ARTE France, The Pixel Hunt, and IKO

Inua by ARTE France, The Pixel Hunt, and IKO

About the Project

Services: Localization, LQA
Languages: From English to German, French, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese
Game type: Indie, adventure
Platform: PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch
Size: Over 25.000 words
Timeframe: July 2021 – August 2021
Team: 8 linguists, 4 editors, 3 testers, 3 project managers


Allcorrect is an ROI-based localization company. Our approach is based on finding profitable markets for developers and publishers, and adapting games for target audiences by taking particular cultural aspects into account.

9 of the 20 major video game companies work with us, and 50% of our clientele come to us on others’ recommendations. Our portfolio includes localizations of large-scale AAA projects as well as indie games that have dominated the international market.