Testing is an essential part of the localization process. This stage becomes particularly important if localization testing was previously performed by a non-native of the target language or if it was absent altogether. Moreover, companies may have limited funds or time. In such cases, they can make use of such a service as playtesting.

Playtesting consists of our testers studying the game for 1-3 hours depending on its genre and length. They then fill out a special report that includes several sections:

  1. Linguistic errors: grammatical, syntactic and orthographic errors, incorrect terminology etc.
  2. Errors connected to the display of text: encroaching over window borders, displaying on top of images, cutting off, displacement from the center etc.
  3. Errors connected to encoding: code on the screen instead of text, unsupported font, untranslated fragments, incorrect alphabet etc.

Playtesting does not mean checking only the first few hours of gameplay. As with localization testing, a special script can be written, the natural limit of which is only time spent playing the game – 1-3 hours. At the end, the developers and publishers receive a general idea of how the text is displayed in the game.

All Correct Group places an emphasis on linguistic playtesting specifically, which is aimed at giving the client an objective idea of how well the localization was done from the point of view of a native speaker of the target language.

Equally important is that this service won’t take much of your time. Playtesting can be begun in all languages at once, and that means you can get a report on all your localization target languages within just a couple of days!


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