Localization testing

Localizing software, a mobile application or a game is only the first step. The second step begins afterwards. It’s called localization testing, or linguistic quality assurance. After this step ends, the user receives a high-quality product with a good voice-over and correct textual formatting.

After the text is translated, it is imported into the game. Then a check is performed to find untranslated fragments, orthographic and grammatical errors and incorrectly imported text.


We provide testing for the following products:

  • mobile apps that run on Android or iOS.
  • websites.
  • software.
  • video games.


We offer our clients localization testing services in 20 languages and are willing to help perform:

  1. Initial cosmetic testing, which involves checking the game to ensure that its text displays correctly. Our experts use the results of the cosmetic test to send the customer a detailed report which includes information about all errors and defects present.
  2. Full localization testing: checking the game for semantic, grammatical, orthographic and punctuation errors, typos and incorrectly displayed text. After the customer introduces corrections based on the report, our testers go through the game again using a set script to check whether all the changes were correctly introduced to the game. This stage is called regression testing.


  • Colossal experience. Our experts have tested over 100 applications and 350 games.
  • High quality. Our team consists of over 70 experts, many of which are native speakers of various languages and possess advanced linguistic skills.
  • We test applications on the iOS, Android and PC platforms.
  • We can offer you various kinds of services based on your preferences.