Advising Developers on Localization

Sometimes, typical localization services aren’t enough for developers. For example, when they don’t have a sufficient budget to order a full-fledged localization or prefer to translate their texts themselves.

In those cases, we offer developers and publishers a localization consulting service. The process itself looks like this:

  1. You send us a build of your game with a detailed description of the plot.
  2. You choose the key countries you plan to launch the game in.
  3. Our native-speaking localization experts study your game and then create a list of recommended changes. They can also advise you with regard to whether your game will be popular in your target market.

For example, we might change Russian minibuses into the famous red buses of London, or a Russian poker into an Italian spatula for baking pizzas.

This service is first and foremost for developers of games that have national aspects. You can find out whether this service is right for you at the discussion stage.