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The Turkish Game Market

The Turkish Game Market


Turkey (officially the Republic of Turkey, capital – Ankara) occupies a unique geographic position, located partly in Asia and partly in Europe. This nation-state, a successor of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, is teeming with cultural monuments from a number of eras while its coastline borders four different seas.

Turkey is considered an emerging nation. Although the country’s economy is primarily service-based, its IT sector has been undergoing rapid development, especially in recent years. It goes without saying that this also affects its gaming industry.

Official name: Republic of Turkey

Capital: Ankara

Population: 84 339 067 (Worldometers)

Average Age: 31.5 (Worldometers)

GDP: $740 bln (WorldBank) – 2019

Official language: Turkish

Games Market

The general state of the country’s gaming market

In fact, Turkey was specifically mentioned in the May Ironsource podcast on emerging markets. In fact, one would be hard-pressed to call the country’s gaming “emerging”—“emerged” would be much more accurate. The speed at which the audience is growing is decreasing, despite an increase in business activity.

There is currently an influx of gaming-related startups in the country, with the most active (and successful) being companies that produce hyper-casual content. Some of the major players include Alictus, Rollic, and Good Job Games. One reason for this increase in activity is easy access to the superb technical education available in Turkey.

population of turkey

Player Statistics

According to a study conducted by GaminginTurkey, Turkish gamers are most active in the mornings and in the evenings. In the mornings, they (28% of active users) play on the way to work; in the evenings, they relax by playing at home (67% of all active users).

facts about gamers

Bank cards are the most popular payment method for online purchases in Turkey. According to Worldometers this payment method accounts for 70% of purchases.

players spending

Some more interesting facts about Turkish players:

  • On average, a Turkish gamer has four games installed on his/her phone. On tablets, this number is doubled.
  • 56% of Turkish gamers play while watching television, while 45% listen to music.

Popular genres (GamingInTurkey):

  1. Puzzle
  2. Word & Table Games
  3. Action / Adventure
  4. Strategy
  5. Racing


Game developers

Mobile developers, make up the bulk of the Turkish market. There is a small number of outsource companies that produce graphics for console and computer platforms.

growth of revenue

Most prominent Turkish developers:

  1. Peak Games – Toon Blast;
  2. Good Job Games – Fun Race 3D;
  3. Soner Kara – Traffic Rider;
  4. Fast Free Games – серия Racing in Car;
  5. Zuuks Games – Call of Outlaws;


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