Game Localization: Toy Defense

Game Localization: Toy Defense

About the project

Services: game localization.

Working languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Swedish, Dutch.

Game type: mobile (iOS, Android).

Timeframe: from 2013 to present.

Size: updates of up to 2,000 words.

Team: 9 translators, 1 in-house editor and 1 project manager.

General information

Toy Defense from Melesta is a strategy game in the tower defense genre. The plot is based on the First and Second world wars in addition to medieval and space wars. The player’s goal is to defend their base against numerous enemy attacks by building and upgrading towers. Players can unite into a team or play against each other. The game includes a number of varied locations and players can choose between multiple types of historically accurate weaponry.

Project Management

The game’s texts were first translated from Russian into English, then from English into the other target languages. Our team’s task not only included localizing the game’s main text, but also efficiently translating all its subsequent updates. While working on this project, our editor had to use specialized dictionaries to correctly translate weapon names. And of course, we had to apply plenty of creativity while working with this game’s texts.

Project Characteristics

  • Translating the names of historically accurate weapons.
  • Relaying the atmosphere of each era (First World War, Second World War, Middle Ages).
  • For us, this project didn’t begin from a clean slate – part of the text had already been translated. This meant that our translators and editors needed additional time to get into the process and prepare their own glossary.

Melesta Games

Melesta Games is a leading casual game company with millions of gamers from over 60 countries around the world! For the last 5 years Melesta Games collected portfolio with over 30 marvelous projects, developed for various platforms: PC, iOS, Android, Mac, MMO, social, Windows Phone, console and other.

All Correct Games

All Сorrect Games is a division of All Correct Group which provides translation, voiceovers, localization testing and video game localization.

All Correct Games works with the majority of Russian developers and publishers, along with major international game publishers. The company has participated in the localization of over 350 games, as well as the testing of over 100 games. All Correct Games works in more than 23 language pairs, partners with 6 voice studios, and employs highly competent native and Russian speakers to test games on the iOS, Android, and PC platforms.