English translation and voiceovers: interactive children’s stories from the Fazen company

English translation and voiceovers: interactive children’s stories from the Fazen company

About the Project

Services: voiceoversoftware localization.

Working languages: Russian, English.

Software type: application for children.

Timeline: 10 working days in September 2013.

Size: 2,911 words for translation and voice recording.

Team: 7 people, including 1 translator, 1 project manager, 2 editors and 3 voice actors.

Project characteristics: translation and voiceovers for interactive stories: “Little Red Riding Hood”, “Father Frost” and “Tom Thumb” in the Russian–English language pair.

General Information

Leading animation experts have created wonderful games based on fairytales loved by all. Children and adults alike are sure to enjoy them. Children can not only listen to and read fairytales, but also take part in the exciting adventures of their favorite heroes. The colorful interactive illustrations spellbind kids as soon as they start playing.

In 2013, the Fazen company approached All Correct for translation and voice recording for their interactive fairytales in English.

Project Specifics

For the voiceovers, we selected two primary voice actors (male and female) and one backup (male). The client entrusted us completely with the voice actor selection process. To quote: “Yes, I think you’d best choose the voice actors. We trust you completely with this task.” All the same, all the voices were sent to the customer to review, and we began the work only after receiving their confirmation that they were happy with the voices.

While working on the translation, we kept in mind the requirements for the voiceover script: the line length in the target language could not exceed the line length of the original by more than 5–10%. This condition was required in order to adhere to the timeline — the time allotted for each clip.

Project Management

A Russian-speaking translator with high linguistic competencies translated the text into English. It was then edited by an American native English speaker and checked by an in-house copy editor. In order to allow the translation to adhere to the timeline, the structure of some source phrases was modified and small deviations from the original were permitted. However, the text did not require significant changes.

After the translation was completed, a statement of work was written for the voice acting. All the fairytales were recorded in accordance with the customer’s requirements illustrated in the statement of work. The two voice actors recorded each fairytale’s main text and changed their timbre and pronunciation for each character. All hints and words of encouragement for the player were recorded both with the male and female voice.

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